mandag den 30. maj 2011

Let's grow old together and die young

New in: Beauty

Today I bought these gorgeous crushed metallic pigments by MAC. It's from the new summer collection, and it's sold out almost everywhere already. No wonder. Take a look at those beautiful, shimmery shades? The colors is called Surf the Ocean and costs around 300 DKK. Besides from that I bought the dark blue nailpolish, also from MAC, called Biker Blue, and it's got a glamourous blue glittery effect. I got the Chanel - Black Pearl in a birthday present. 
Can't wait to wear it all at a hot summer party!

Des fleurs, une chatte et un gateau

I had my danish examination today, and GUESS WHAT? I got a fucking A+. I got so surprised and happy that I just threw myself over my teacher and hugged the hell out of her. Next, I called my best friends and my parents, and my father got so proud of me that he went to buy my fav cake from the danish bakery Lagkagehuset. It's just heaven in a miniature-shape. 
My cat's got a broken leg for the time being (it jumped out of a window..), and since it's a little girl, it got the cutest bandage from the veterinary hospital. Pink with red hearts on it, what a stylish cat I have!