mandag den 23. maj 2011

For the time being

I'm in the mood of relaxing and shopping and spoiling myself right now. I am so stressed out you can't imagine! I have three exams left, which I haven't prepared myself for at all yet. I have to write sssoooo many notes down before monday. Apart from that, my classmates and I are preparing a farewell show for our last schoolyear, and we all want it to be perfect. I'm the one to mix together the music and I've written a song we're all going to sing as a final, but it's just so messy, because some of my classmates aren't satisfied. And yet we still have to buy a lot of wine and flowers and gifts and prices to the children and teachers at the school. And as a bonus, I still haven't quite figured out how to sew a bellydance-skirt by myself. Yes, I'm going to dress up like a bellydancer. Apart from that I need to find a dress for me and my bestfriend Camilla's party this friday, which is going to be huuuuge. Besides that I need to learn how to play Michael Nyman - "The heart asks for pleasure first" on the piano, and it's a really hard play. So I'm sorry if there's gonna be some sloppy blogging the next couple of days, but I'm just all too stressed out. I promise I'll put some pictures of my belly dance-outfit tomorrow or later this evening.


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